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    video streaming using rtsp tunneled throung http

    We are working on the test J2ME application, which needs to play real-time video streaming sent from a server.
    We referred to the following link for developing the test application


    The video streaming (from the server) details are:

    Protocol: rtsp tunneled throungh http
    Video encoding: MPEG-4 video
    Video file format: mp4
    Frame rate : 15fps
    URL: Does not contain “.mp4” extension

    Our J2ME application (using MMAPI) is unable to play this video streaming (We have tested on the following devices – Nokia Anna/Belle [Nokia C6-01, Nokia 500, Nokia X7-00], S60 5th edition [Nokia 5800 xpress music]).
    We also tried to use platformrequest api to play this videostreaming but it didnot work.

    Our observations are as follows.

    1. The rtsp link works with quicktime player (in MAC) and we are able to view the streaming video.
    2. The rtsp link doesnot work using real player and vlc player on windows PC.
    3. The rtsp link doesnot work on the phone browsers of Anna/Belle and S60 5th edition phone.
    4. Video streaming doesnot work using our test application (which uses MMAPI).


    1. Is "rtsp tunneled throung http" supported in symbian anna/belle, S605th edition and S603rd edition.

    2. How we can play this streaming video using our J2me application.

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    Re: video streaming using rtsp tunneled throung http

    I think that example and code is simply for streaming from an rstp source, not sure about your "rtsp tunneled through http" issue...
    Are you implying that you are providing an rtsp stream within a http url ?
    Note: please don't send private questions to me, as I don't have time to provide private support. All such questions should be posted on public forums, where I and others can see and answer them.

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