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    How to call Widget function from QML?

    Hello all,
    I wang to communicate between Widget and Qml. I have created my own widget derived from QWidget. In main I have written the following code:

    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    	QScopedPointer<QApplication> app(createApplication(argc, argv));
    	QDeclarativeView *declView = new QDeclarativeView;
    	//qmlRegisterType<MyWidget>("myWidget", 1, 0, "MyWidget");
            QWidget *widget = new MyWidget();
    	QVBoxLayout *layout = new QVBoxLayout(widget);
    	if (declView)
            QPushButton *btn = new QPushButton(widget);
            btn->setText("Test Button");
    	return app->exec();
    As per the code the qml contents are appended in MyWidget. So I am getting Qml contents + the button as expected as output. Now i just wanted to display the message defined in MyWidget class through Qml. Is it possible to do that?

    Please guide.


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    Re: How to call Widget function from QML?

    you can always use signals and slots. check qml <-> c++ communications in docs

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