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    Question App doesn't work on devices without developer mode!

    Hi all!

    Here is my problem. I created app and successfully tested it on my device (with activated developers mode). Then I submitted it to Ovi store.
    I was frustrated by their answer - QA was failed.

    "ACTUAL RESULT: When launching the application by pressing the application icon, a blank screen is displayed; there is no response from the application."

    But application works on my device! Then I tested it on three other devices, but unfortunately all of them with activated developers mode. And app works!
    But after I tested my app on another N9 without dev.mode. And I seen black screen. How it can be possible? On RDA my app works - dev. mode enabled.

    App uses mobility.syteminfo. I can provide sources, here you are: http://yadi.sk/d/gLvY3-8S0PoD7

    And my another app works well and already submitted to Ovi. I have any idea about it...

    UPD I tested on PR 1.1 few minutes ago - it works! In mobility I use only QSystemStorageInfo...
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