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    Question Dim control button light while play video


    I heared many time and it nerv my self too, that if you watch a video in the dark, the control buttons are way to bright.
    How about dim the button during play a video.
    Is this possible by nokia tools?

    Regards steffen

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    Re: Dim control button light while play video

    I'm not sure I understand what do you want to do, do you want to change a control shape (brightness for example) in the dark ?
    As far as I know, the Windows Phone SDK doesn't have APIs for the light sensors.

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    Re: Dim control button light while play video

    Quote Originally Posted by Gordon2001 View Post
    Is this possible by nokia tools?
    What Nokia tools are you referring to? You will be using tools from Microsoft and using Windows phone SDK which again is from Microsoft..
    That said, AFAIK this is not possible to control the buttons brightness(have to confess that I am pretty new to Windows Phone programming though).

    If you are not speaking from developing point of view then I will have to point out that you have posted in a wrong forum. You will have to post in the end users forum http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/

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