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    Issue with CPbkContactEditorDlg

    Hi, all. I'm using CPbkContactEditorDlg to edit contact. Everything is okey, but instead of edit dialog caption I can see part of my application and it is clickable. What I do wrong?

    RPbkViewResourceFile phoneBookResource(*CEikonEnv::Static());
    	if (!phoneBookResource.IsOpen())
    	CPbkContactEditorDlg *dialog = CPbkContactEditorDlg::NewL(*iEngine, *contact, EFalse, -1, ETrue);
    	TContactItemId contactID = KNullContactId;
    	TRAPD(dialogError, contactID = dialog->ExecuteLD());

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    Re: Issue with CPbkContactEditorDlg

    Do you have a full-screen app? In that case it may easily happen that the dialog does not scale up, and you see your own application instead of the status and navigation panes.

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    Re: Issue with CPbkContactEditorDlg

    So, is there any way do make it work?

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    Re: Issue with CPbkContactEditorDlg

    Yep, the CAkn, etc. controls are often requiring the status panel etc. to be present to work correctly. anyway, if your only problem is receiving touch events while showing the popup, you could of course try adding your own logic which would ignore any events while showing the popup.

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