To anyone interested, Microsoft released the Team Foundation Service.

The FREE service plan:
Up to 5 users
Unlimited number of projects
Version control
Work item tracking
Agile planning tools
Feedback management
Build (still in preview)

Currently you can have more than 5 users if you want and its still free. In 2013 when they start to sell the paid plans, if you have more than 5 users you will be directed on what plan suits you best. But if you are a paid customer of MSDN then you will get it for free for more than 5 users.

When you create an account you get a personalized address. For example, I created an account for my code name Lusocoder and I got an address

If you dont know about Team Foundation Server I strongly recommend that you take a look. It's much more than a Source Control system. Its a team management, with SCRUM and AGILE templates, and it also manages work items, project automated builds, etc.