I have updated latest Nokia Web Development Environment having following version:

Nokia Web Developer Environment

WebTools Version:
WDE Version:
(C) Copyright 2012 Nokia Corporation

Release Notes: http://tools.nokia.com/wt/notes/2.0/release.html

Whenever i select Help >> Install New Software and if i select the following url
WDE Updates - http://tools.nokia.com/wt/update/WebTools/2.0
It gives error could not find http://tools.nokia.com/wt/update/WebTools/2.0

Also when i select file:/var/www/prem/codeigniter/updates/test/39/ - metadata - http://tools.nokia.com/wt/wdc/2.0/addons/39 url it does not give any results.

Is any one facing similar issue?
Are the site urls correct or are they changed and i am still using incorrect or old urls ?

If the site urls are correct it should provide updates if available else it should prompt user that no new update is available and should not error out.