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    Question Product Details REST API

    Hi... may I get some help in NOKIA Music REST API. I want to retrieve the details of the track using "Product Details" REST API. I have tried to access the API using this URL http://api.ent.nokia.com/1.x/us/products/255578488/?app_id={my_app_id}&app_code={my_app_code} but i got this error message {"statuscode":400,"type":"error","message":"Unsupported domain. \"null\" was used."}. Is there any mistakes on my way to accessing the API or something else?

    Thank you in advance

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    Re: Product Details REST API

    Hi, you need to add ?domain=music to the querystring - the documentation was missing that piece of information - sorry! I will get it updated soon.
    To be clear, every method needs domain=music on it or you will get that 400 response.

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