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    Regarding take input from user and show in popup

    Hi sir/Mam
    Good Morning
    I made a project in this there is a need to take input fom user and it will be shown in popup box.
    I am trying the following code

    TBuf<20> inputText;

    but in this alertwin is used so output is shown as alert. For pop up box how can i code.

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    Re: Regarding take input from user and show in popup

    You could try checking different notes which are defined for the platform and utilize them. Also as this is Symbian questions, you should not have posted this under the feedback section, I'll move this now to the right place.

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    Re: Regarding take input from user and show in popup

    The 'note' thing Jukka mentions is the range of CAkn...Note classes, like CAknInformationNote.
    If you are familiar with query dialogs already, they can be used for simple displaying tasks too, check http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...e_About_dialog - of course you do not need that string-from-localisable-resource magic, whatever descriptor you pass to CAknMessageQueryDialog::NewL will be the message to be displayed.

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