Hello all

I've just started working with the Nokia mapping API, I've run into a few problems with it regarding SVG based marker objects, so I've got a couple of questions.

I'm doing something like this to create an icon that I use in a marker, the SVG I use is rather complicated, but its valid and works in most browsers that support SVG

var image = new nokia.maps.gfx.GraphicsImage(svgParser.parseSvg([SVG_MARKUP]));

The SVG contains some Feature Effects and some animations. Neither of these show up when the marker is added to the map. I get only the basic colours and layout, with none of the highlights and shadows that the feature effects give me, or any of the movement that the animation perform.

now my questions...
1. I would like to know do the markers support SVG in this way, fully animated with the FE's in place, or do they only take the basic SVG and render it to a static IDL image?
2. if they don't, can somebody suggest a way of extending the existing Markers/Images that would allow me to either render some HTML instead of a image class of some kind.

Thank you