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    Qt Creator objdump.exe slow


    I am developing an app for the Nokia N9 which includes a static library of about 10 MB size. Compilation is done under Windows 7, 64 Bit. Everything works fine but compilation time is extremely cumbersome because the "objdump.exe" step takes several minutes although I am using a fast core 7 CPU.
    Is there a way to improve the speed of objdump or even skip this step during development?


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    Re: Qt Creator objdump.exe slow

    Not sure, but you can edit qmake behaviour.
    Check out the "rules" file in the project tree (next to the "control" etc files)

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    Re: Qt Creator objdump.exe slow

    I already checked all the files including the rules file but could not find an option to change the objdump step.

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