I was trying out Nokia Music API. I wanted to play a mix like this:

MusicClientAsync client = new MusicClientAsync("MyAppId", "MyAppCode");
ListResponse<MixGroup> mixGroups = await client.GetMixGroups();
ListResponse<Mix> mixes = await client.GetMixes(mixGroups.Result[0]);
But it only opens music.ovi.com website. I'm working on emulator. Description for Play() method says:
Launches Nokia Music to start playback of the mix using the
Yes, it is cut in the middle like that.

According to Play() description I can't play music in my app. Play() should open other app(Nokia Music) which will play it, correct? So I can't test in on emulator since there's no Nokia Music on it? Or maybe there is a way to play songs in my app which to be honest I was expecting.