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    Windows RT development

    Hi all,

    I would like to know if there is any space for Windows 8 RT / Windows Metro applications in the Forum Nokia. I have some doubts about Windows Metro applications and i already know a lot the Forum Nokia (wiki, discussions, etc).

    Would be great if i could share my doubts in this forum.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Windows RT development

    As far as I know Nokia has no Windows 8 / RT product so far, neither has it announced anything in this topic. Of course there is always a chance that someone discussing Windows Phone questions here is also involved in desktop/tablet Windows 8 development, but do not expect too much from that.
    And moderators (including me) delete off-topic questions on a regular basis, but of course, without seeing it can not be decided if your question is totally off-topic or not. For example you mention the UI layer, which is very similar on Windows Phone too, so a UI design discussion can be interesting.

    Personal suggestion: if you put effort into carefully crafting a question, make sure to keep a copy for yourself, so it can be re-used if necessary. Otherwise you may become really upset if the question has to be removed.
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    Re: Windows RT development

    These forums are focused on Nokia Devices and Programming for whose devices. Until Nokia has a Windows RT device, if ever, I don't think this is the proper place. Have you tried MSDN forums?

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    Re: Windows RT development

    Do you want to have information about Windows 8 development or WinRT API for Windows Phone 8?

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