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    [Announce] POP Flix ($)


    I'm happy to Announce my second Meego App, Pop Flix. It's a simple clean convenient on-the-go movie app for movie reviews, trailers, and showtimes.

    App Demo

    Premium Features:

    • Browse the top box office movies and movies opening soon
    • Look up showtimes at your local theater *
    • Get critic reviews from Rotten Tomatoes
    • Watch movie trailers (mobile + HQ)
    • Share Showtimes on Facebook/Twitter/SMS/etc.
    • Local Storage / Offline Mode

    * If Showtimes/Theaters does NOT work on google than Showtimes/Theaters on the app will NOT work.

    $.99 from Nokia App Store

    Known Issues
    • Russian Showtimes does not work due to Google Movie Name translation. A possible solution is pending
    • Mexico is Not Supported, as of yet. A possible solution is pending.
    • Download Errors. Some People have Reported not being able to download the file. I have reported this to the Nokia Store and they are looking into it. For now, try installing the .deb from /var/cache/apt/archives/partial/ this has resolved the problem.

    Screen Shots

    To-Do Timeline 12/07/2012
    • Nokia 700 + Screen with resolution of 640 x 360 (Symbian) Support by end of December 2012
    • Add support for Local Theaters (3 different languages requested) by end of March 2013
    • Add Search Feature (3 Request so far) by end of March 2013
    • Tentative BB10 Support by end of April 2013
    • Tentative Sailfish Support by end of July 2013

    Progress Update 12/07/12
    • I'll be working on a lot of backend scripts for the next few weeks.

    Release Notes
    version 0.10 (pending the Nokia Store)
    * Added HQ (360p + 480p) Video Quality Support
    * Also Added Auto Send Error Option If Movie Trailer Fails to Load or if Movie Trailer Does not Exist.

    version 0.9
    * Fixed Spacing for 3+ line showtimes
    * Fixed Actors on movie details page
    * Made Read More button bigger on movie details page
    * Updated Pull 2 Refresh to be smoother

    version 0.8
    ** Fix includes Spacing / Slightly Larger Sort / Change Buttons / Theaters/theater error msg

    version 0.7
    * Initial Release
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    Re: [Announce] POP Flix ($)


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