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    CTelephony error -8071 DialNewCall

    Hi people

    I'm working on call handling with SymbianC++, but I'm having a weird problem:
    I have one AO (ActiveObject) for each of these tasks:
    - monitor call status
    - start call
    - hangup

    Now the problem is, when I start the call (by calling DialNewCall in the AO which handles the new calls) and then close the call using the red hw button before the call is connected, the monitor detects that the call is ending (EStatusDisconnecting) and tells the dialer AO to cancel().
    BUT, after cancel() is called, RunL() of the dialer AO is called too! and in that RunL(), I have iStatus == -8071! What does -8071 mean? there's no documentation explaining that

    And why does RunL get called after the DialNewCall has been cancelled?

    I tried to code both on 6620i and on the N8, and I got the same result...

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    Re: CTelephony error -8071 DialNewCall

    into /os/cellularsrv/telephonyserverplugins/common_tsy/commontsy/exportinc/serviceapi/GsmError.h :

    const TInt KErrGsmReleaseByUser			= KErrPhoneSpecificGsmCallBase - 21;			// -8071
    const TInt KErrGsmBusyUserRequest		= KErrPhoneSpecificGsmCallBase - 22;			// -8072
    Hope it helps somehow,

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