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    application icon


    i know a lot of questions regarding the application have been asked here but my problem is that the solutions do not work for me and i have no idea why.

    I am using eclipse and lwuit and used this editor eclipse provides to choose an midlet icon from my resources.

    in folder is included in the build and the jad file has a correct entry (at least i think):
    MIDlet-Icon: /res/logo.png

    when i deploy the app to my test device (asha 306) the standard icon is displayed and not my icon.

    can anybody help me with that issue?

    thx in advance


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    Re: application icon

    Please check the MIDlet-1: attribute in the jad

    If should be:
    MIDlet-1: <App Name>, <app icon.png>, <Midlet Class name>

    MIDlet-1: Test, logo.png, Test

    logo.png file should exist in res folder of your project and within the JAR res/logo.png should exist.
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