I am using Qt Game Enabler which uses MrccatoCommand from MRemConCoreApiTargetObserver to capture volume keys like this:

void VolumeKeys::MrccatoCommand(TRemConCoreApiOperationId operationId,
                                TRemConCoreApiButtonAction buttonAct)
    DEBUG_INFO("operation:" << operationId << " action:" << buttonAct);

    if (buttonAct == ERemConCoreApiButtonClick) {
        if (operationId == ERemConCoreApiVolumeUp)
        else if (operationId == ERemConCoreApiVolumeDown)
This works fine but my problem is that the Symbian music player now has no response to the keys, I'm guessing this is because I have caught them. I would like to know if there is any way I can send the command back or forward it once I have used it?

OR if there is a way I can get the volume events without "stealing" them then that would also works.

Thanks in advance!