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    simulate shutdown


    i own a nokia e72. is it possible to fake / simulate the proccess of turning off the phone? so for the phone to shutdown the screen (or at least make it pitch black) and the backlight of the keyboard when selecting "turn off" from the menu. and then, lets say, bring it back with a combination of keys.

    when a phone is stolen usually the first thing the thief does is to shut it down. which of course disables all the gps apps and network location based services that can you check online to see where your phone is. it is a window of time before he removes the battery - but this can also be solved if you have those apps to automatically run at start up.

    is this possible? is there such an app?

    P.S. i am not a developer - i just came here to ask this question. thank you.

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    Re: simulate shutdown

    Yes, it is possible to create such application. It is also possible to run application automatically at startup.
    Also, there is the device lock. All Symbian devices from Nokia has the option to lock the device if SIM card is changed, and E-Series devices in particular support remote locking.

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    Re: simulate shutdown

    thank you. ill research for such an app and then comeback with an answer.

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