Without having done much research, I wonder if somebody could clue me in:

As far as I understand, WP8 will support native C++ development (i.e. C++ that gets compiled down to native code, and does not run on top of the CLR or whatever the "managed" runtime on WP is called).

Also, as far as I understand, WP8 only supports Direct X Mobile and no OpenGL ES - is that true?

Targetting C++ and OpenGL ES 2 makes games portable across a wide variety of platforms (*all* platforms except WP - OpenGL ES is supported by Symbian, Maemo, MeeGo, Android, iOS, Blackberry 10 - and probably some I don't even know about). Of course, one could re-write the rendering parts to target both Direct X Mobile and OpenGL ES 2, but at this point (especially since *ever other vendor* supports OpenGL ES), I'd rather not support Direct X Mobile specifically.

Is there something like ANGLE that provides an OpenGL ES 2.0 API on top of WP8? Or does WP8 support OpenGL ES 2.0 out of the box?