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    Screenshot in landscape usint Qt

    I am using the following code to take screenshot in a Nokia device using Qt

    QDesktopWidget *w = QApplication::desktop();
    if (w)
            QRect r = w->screenGeometry();
            originalPixmap = QPixmap::grabWindow(w->winId(),0,0,r.width(), r.height());
    originalPixmap.save(folder_path, format.toAscii().constData());

    The code is working fine for portrait orientation. When I tilt the device to landscape, the captured image contains only half the width of the screen. Please help. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Screenshot in landscape usint Qt

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    Re: Screenshot in landscape usint Qt

    solved this, I have fixed my app to work only in portrait, now changed it to work both ways and screenshots are fine now. Thanks

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