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    WP8 Lumia Custom Camera Properties

    Does anyone know if there are any custom/Lumia specific camera properties that can be changed with PhotoCaptureDevice API's SetProperty? For example property to set OIS: on/off etc.

    I looped through CaptureSequence's AppliedProperties and found many Guid keys that didn't match any of Guids from KnownCameraPhotoProperties or KnownCameraGeneralProperties. It would be nice to know what are those keys:
    AppliedProperties from one CaptureSequence Frame:
    LockedAutoFocusParameters 0
    FlashPower 1
    KEY UNKNOWN!:54a9b317-f3de-4e51-a959-f4066f19e468 0
    KEY UNKNOWN!:e0b29f39-5589-46d4-8496-c7b40bded5ca 1
    KEY UNKNOWN!:c83d2691-6e57-cd43-ad78-8569e2ba6e74 1
    KEY UNKNOWN!:dc9c6b50-a669-6f4e-ad5f-71987dcbc8db 30
    SceneMode 0
    KEY UNKNOWN!:b2a799d1-570d-4e4a-91ed-16fda2aa6fb4 2
    ExposureTime 20000
    KEY UNKNOWN!:e24b5dd8-a40d-3940-b684-f08b15fcc129 1
    ManualFocusPosition 796
    KEY UNKNOWN!:570ad81b-4182-e443-8352-b31b43955bc3 1
    ManualWhiteBalance 0
    KEY UNKNOWN!:8b6adffa-4f77-e44d-8092-b77491b5d420 1
    KEY UNKNOWN!:12644b27-2acc-7944-a4e1-d2516cec2c95 1
    KEY UNKNOWN!:26b17eee-a886-7946-88bd-3c56f02b7ef8 30
    KEY UNKNOWN!:1d09b5b4-62e9-e248-b56f-d4a01601a1c6 1
    KEY UNKNOWN!:e6a0b88b-a2ed-5941-9a72-88381d8002e5 0
    WhiteBalancePreset 0
    ExposureCompensation 0
    AutoFocusRange 5
    Iso 233

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    Re: WP8 Lumia Custom Camera Properties

    not certain, and have not checked if it would help, but one thing that I would recommend on checking out would be Nokia made examples for camera, one appears to be available at: https://www.developer.nokia.com/Deve...Code_examples/

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    Re: WP8 Lumia Custom Camera Properties

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    Re: WP8 Lumia Custom Camera Properties

    Yes I have,
    Those are known properties. I'm interested on if there are some custom ones in addition to those, because I found many Guid keys from captured frame in Lumia 920 that do not match known properties ("KEY UNKNOWN" properties in my previous post).

    Checked now and Nokia's camera example uses only known properties from WP8 API.

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