Does anyone know if there are any custom/Lumia specific camera properties that can be changed with PhotoCaptureDevice API's SetProperty? For example property to set OIS: on/off etc.

I looped through CaptureSequence's AppliedProperties and found many Guid keys that didn't match any of Guids from KnownCameraPhotoProperties or KnownCameraGeneralProperties. It would be nice to know what are those keys:
AppliedProperties from one CaptureSequence Frame:

LockedAutoFocusParameters 0
FlashPower 1
KEY UNKNOWN!:54a9b317-f3de-4e51-a959-f4066f19e468 0
KEY UNKNOWN!:e0b29f39-5589-46d4-8496-c7b40bded5ca 1
KEY UNKNOWN!:c83d2691-6e57-cd43-ad78-8569e2ba6e74 1
KEY UNKNOWN!:dc9c6b50-a669-6f4e-ad5f-71987dcbc8db 30
SceneMode 0
KEY UNKNOWN!:b2a799d1-570d-4e4a-91ed-16fda2aa6fb4 2
ExposureTime 20000
KEY UNKNOWN!:e24b5dd8-a40d-3940-b684-f08b15fcc129 1
ManualFocusPosition 796
KEY UNKNOWN!:570ad81b-4182-e443-8352-b31b43955bc3 1
ManualWhiteBalance 0
KEY UNKNOWN!:8b6adffa-4f77-e44d-8092-b77491b5d420 1
KEY UNKNOWN!:12644b27-2acc-7944-a4e1-d2516cec2c95 1
KEY UNKNOWN!:26b17eee-a886-7946-88bd-3c56f02b7ef8 30
KEY UNKNOWN!:1d09b5b4-62e9-e248-b56f-d4a01601a1c6 1
KEY UNKNOWN!:e6a0b88b-a2ed-5941-9a72-88381d8002e5 0
WhiteBalancePreset 0
ExposureCompensation 0
AutoFocusRange 5
Iso 233