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    rSAP - Remote SIM Access Profile support in Windows Phone 8

    Nokia supported the rSAP Bluetooth Profiles since years generously!

    Now, with Windows Phone 8 the Lumia 820 and 920 models doesn't support rSAP.

    Is this a limitation caused by Microsoft or is it a Nokia decision? I haerd, that the new HTC Phone X8 supports rSAP. So it seems to be possible. But is it a standard function from Microsft Phone 8 or a HTC development and implementation for Phone 8?


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    Re: rSAP - Remote SIM Access Profile support in Windows Phone 8

    Hi, note that "Nokia Developer" comes into the picture when you develop applications for Nokia devices.
    http://discussions.nokia.com is the site designed for discussing about actual products and their features.

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