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    Re: Express Signed error: "Your file could not be processed for unknown reason."

    Basically, you can always also try out RDA devices, and I'm sure you'll get the error coming. Also when wiping out device, to remember to format all memory locations, including memory cards etc.

    I have seen the UID changing causing nice small problems when you forgot to change all necessary parts relying into the UID, so basically if you have spend 2 months not doing the necessary testing, and just thought that store is wrong, then you can be rather certain that you will not get enywhere.

    So please try what has been suggested, and I'm sure you'll find what is wrong in there.

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    Re: Express Signed error: "Your file could not be processed for unknown reason."

    It is a matter of text search: get a good file manager and search for your old UID in all of your files. And also do that with filenames.
    And note that you can test the result yourself, using the devcert you received from Nokia Publish. Testing with the real files and UID-s is one of its purposes.
    Then you do not need to send the application for release as long as it does not work locally.

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    Re: Express Signed error: "Your file could not be processed for unknown reason."

    Quote Originally Posted by crazysoft View Post
    I have a good file manager and there is no old UID hidden somewhere.
    How can I self sign my game with the nokia assigned 0x2006**** UID and run it on my own phone?
    You can use developer certificate to sign the app with UID 0x2006 which can be installed in your phone.Request one from nokia support if you don"t have one and remember to give your phone imei in your email request.Judging from the years you join nokia developer,you should already know symbian phone very well
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    Re: Express Signed error: "Your file could not be processed for unknown reason."

    This discussion has now veered from publishing practicalities into a discussion of aspects of Symbian programming. I have therefore moved the relevant parts of the discussion to here so that there are more "expert eyes" on it. Please continue the Symbian discussion on that thread.

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