I try to express sign a symbian C++ app for ^3 phones and I get a generic "Express Signed error: "Your file could not be processed for unknown reason."
My app does not have any capabilities in MMP.
Its an SDL-symbian app so it has a DLL which is at the range (UID3) of 0xE**** but does not have capabilities in MMP too.
Also I have other custom LIBs. The app is at the range of (UID3) 0x2****.

How can I express sign this app or how can I know what is causing the error?
The file is signed with my Publisher ID which is valid.

If I compile it with a UID3 at the range of 0xA**** it installs fine and runs fine on a device but I want to publish it on the Ovi store.
I tried to have it with a UID3 at the range of 0x2**** unsigned and choose Nokia to sign it for free at the Ovi store but I got a respond:
"FAILED: Unable to access application content." "SUMMARY: When launching the application, it stops loading and does not start. A s a result,the application content cannot be accessed."

can anyone help?