Is there a forum or community site where I can request dev's to make an app? Sorry to post it here, I didn't find a better place I think...

To be direct: I am a light engineer touring around Europe with a Nightliner. When our bus arrives in the next day's venue, we have to start working. Sometimes there is an hour which they tell us to get up and start working, but other days the bus arrives late and we are already awake in the bus for an hour before it arrives.

What I need is an Alarm clock which can be triggered by a GPS signal. For instance, we have to start working in Köln tomorrow at 7am. We are only leaving from Basel tonight at 2pm, so we won't make it in time. I would like to say to my alarm clock: wake me up 15 miles before we arrive in Köln.

Also a handy app for train travellers who like to sleep in the train ;-)

It exists for apple: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gps-...383131502?mt=8

Oh... And yes, I am willing to pay for that!

Mail me dieter_vanmarcke at yahoo dot com if you are the person who could make this.