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    [moved] Qt - How to set the PlaceHolderText for a QTextEdit?

    Hi Nokia Developers,

    I'm New to this Nokia Developer Community. And This is my First Post. Sorry if i Wrote anything Wrong. I am just creating an Qt application which has a QLineEdit and a QTextEdit. I just want to set a PlaceHolderText for QLineEdit & QTextEdit. I know how to set it for a QLineEdit.
    QLineEdit has a property called setPlaceHolderText. But for a QTextEdit we dont have that property. Can anyone please suggest me to solve this.

    Thanks & Regards.

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    Re: [moved] Qt - How to set the PlaceHolderText for a QTextEdit?

    Firstly, you might want to consider using QML rather than the C++ classes (doesn't solve this problem, but QML is recommended for UI work).

    There is no method for this as far as I can see. If I had to do it I'd wrap the QTextEdit in my own editor class, prepopulate it with my placeholder text, and delete the text when the widget first gets focus.

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