I have pieced together a map where I pass in a string of addresses and it creates markers for the various locations. For UI tools/components I have only added the following:

components: [
new nokia.maps.map.component.Behavior(),
new nokia.maps.map.component.ZoomBar()

This works and displays properly on my development server but when I publish the same exact code to my production server the map still pulls up the locations but also has what appears to be an extra layer over the top and right side of the map that displays a black box across the top 25% of the map and the following string 5 times with the last number incrementing each time along the right:


...and so on.

If I remove the ZoomBar() from the components list the extra layer disappears and the map is clean and functional but obviously does not have the visible ZoomBar which my users would like to see, especially if they do not have a scroll wheel to zoom with on their mouse or laptop.

I would be glad to post a small screen shot but my forum permissions state I cannot add an attachment.

Any idea why the ZoomBar would display properly on one server and not another?