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    Nokia Ovi browser API

    Our J2ME app needs to open one web page. when I open the URL from Nokia Browser directly, it shows correctly. I can see from network trace, it uses cloud4.browser.ovi.com as a proxy
    but when I call for MIDlet:latformRequest(url), browser come also, it does not go through the cloud service, which result in a blank page.

    Is there any API I can force browser to use nokia cloud proxy service? can anyone give help?

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    Re: Nokia Ovi browser API

    That Ovi browser is a complete different application compared to the built-in browser. In is not just about using a service. Theoretically, there are APIs to talk to other native apps in Series 40. However, that is theoretic stuff because I have not seen a documentation by Nokia, yet. Rather than that, what about fixing that website? It should be easier even if you do not control that website. Either convince the owner of that site or create your own web-proxy service.

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