Hello All,
We have design VOIP Apps for Symbian OS(Mobile) using PJSIP open source library. MY Apps working perfect on all devices. But recently i have got some issue during incoming or outgoing GSM call during VOIP call.

The Problem is that:-
when we are on VOIP call at the same time, User get incoming call from GSM or make outgoing GSM call through handset. the device put on conference(or we can say voip user listen both voices GSM and VOIP at time).

we have tried to short out this problem using ETEL3rdparty library available in(S60 3rd or s60 5th edition) and trace the GSM call and handle. But Unfortunately every times Application got crashed and device restart.I have already put my lot of effort to fix this problem. May be i could't handle in proper way.

Therefore, I just wanted how to handle GSM call or trace the GSM call and used in our Apps. If you guys have any solution Please let me know. I would be very thankful to you.

Thank You