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    Nokia lumia 800 lag

    You know when they say that Windows phones never lag. Is it a problem that I notice that some things are not as responsive and kind of slow on the nokia lumia 800?
    I am not saying its laggy all the time but with an hour use it will lag two times. I am very paranoid so i note these things down and it bothers me cause it said its lag free.

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    Anybody who's got a Windows 8 Device

    Your honest opinion is there any speed difference between 8 and 7.5? Windows os is extremely optimised for mobile phones anyway.
    This is to anyone who's got a windows 8 device: Can you tell me of the significant difference between windows 8 devices and windows 7.5 devices from a user point of view?

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    Re: Nokia lumia 800 lag

    Note that this site, "Nokia Developer" focuses on supporting 3rd party software developers who create applications and other kind of content for various Nokia products.
    However there is a complete Nokia site for discussing about the products (phones, headsets, software, etc.) themselves, it is located on http://www.nokia.com/discussions

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    Re: Nokia lumia 800 lag

    Hi guys,
    I have a LUMIA 800 and a 820 (not for long time, just for demo). I use the LUMIA 800 for 6 month and I never have big lag.
    I have seen difference between WP7 and WP7 for internet purpose. In fact, Internet explorer 10 is very good!

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