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    Question [moved] NFC linking problem with Nfc reader

    I am doing an NFC based project. There is a problem occurring in linking the NFC enabled Nokia 603 with the NFC reader TRF7970A module. The connection between the two is not getting established. Please suggest a solution. Is there any special settings required to be done in Nokia 60-3 prior to the linking process?

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    Re: [moved] NFC linking problem with Nfc reader

    I don't know. You might want to try using something like https://projects.developer.nokia.com/nfcinteractor to test if this "known good" code works on your device. If it does, then the project has source code too (and you could check out the other projects too using explorer.)

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    Re: [moved] NFC linking problem with Nfc reader

    i'm using NFC interactor to communicate with NFC reader but still there's no connection at all...actually p2p communication is possible or not with other device apart from phones ..in interacter i tried to change the settings , no use.

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