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    Need help adding NAX DLL to references.

    I am getting this error

    I badly need to include a NAX Ad to my app guys.

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    Re: Need help adding NAX DLL to references.

    Developer support is given by inneractive, so you could try their support at: https://inneractive.jira.com/wiki/di...acting+Support

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    Re: Need help adding NAX DLL to references.

    I'm not sure about Visual Studio Express , but It's working fine with my VS2012 Ultimate.
    Are you using the lastest assemblies (1.0.8) ?

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    Re: Need help adding NAX DLL to references.

    I found the problem.
    When you get a dll from internet, it can be blocked by Windows for security. You need to Unblocking Assemblies from its file property panel.
    Unfortunately, you haven't Unblock button in Windows 8

    Use 7zip to extract dll, it should be unblocked. This works for me

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    Re: Need help adding NAX DLL to references.

    Thanks for the info, I had the same issue. Good to know about the unblocking.

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