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    Re: Experienced Developer - Getting started with Phone 8

    Quote Originally Posted by Morantex View Post
    OK Thanks much appreciated.

    Regarding the NOKIA Premium Developer Program - this seems like a no-brainer and gives me an MS "Dev Center" account that will enable me to do this.

    I guess an MSDN subscription alone is insufficient for this?


    If you have a paid MSDN subscription(Premim, Pro,Ultimate) you'll be able to get a one year token to activate your dev center account,
    Otherwise I'd suggest you look into the Nokia Premium Dev program because it gives you more things for the same price.

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    Re: Experienced Developer - Getting started with Phone 8

    Indeed, after developing some time for various mobile devices you will learn that device emulators always use the network connection of your PC, just internally they present it with various names. Sorry, I assumed it trivial, but now re-reading the first post points out that you are experienced with desktop development.

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