I'm totally new to mobile/phone development but I am a very experienced windows developer both client and server versions of OS.

I have some basic questions - I've tried searching for info on these but not much comes up:

  1. Can I create an app in VS 2012 and test it on my physical phone?
  2. Can I do ordinary socket level TCP comms on the phone?
  3. Can I debug an app that is running on a physical phone?
  4. How can I get my Windows desktop to see or interact with a phone?
  5. Are there any tech tools that allow me to see detailed info about my phone, like network activity, bluetooth status, memory use, running processes etc?

I'm just getting started and so seeking some in depth info that lets me get some perception of the phone at a physical level so I can better understand what I'm dealing with.

I have a new Lumia 920 by the way and plenty of development hardware and all the tools etc.