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    A note of the HERE web site layout

    Hi there,

    Just wanted to share a couple of things I noticed and ask if they are appearing as planned at http://developer.here.net/

    1. The "here" logo is positioned so that some pixels are left out of view (same pic should apply for both Q 1 and 2):


    It looks like it could be planned to be shown like that, but somehow it disturbs me :)

    2. On full screen, e.g. the API docs are flowing in an "invisible" window area, where no borders are seen. At least I could not find them. The scroll bar is also somewhere outmost right to the screen, so on a 16:9 screen atleast this looks very awkward. But more awkward is how the text flows out from "nowhere" and rolls to "nowhere", and this in combination with e.g. the most upper row of text being only partly visible gives a strange effect, atleast to me.

    My question would be; is this a glitch, planned or problem with my browser or what? I am using Windows XP Professional with all latest patches available, Google Chrome Version 23.0.1271.91 m


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