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    Nokia Maps Tiles for use with Leaflet

    I was under the impression, perhaps wrongly, that with an API key I could access unlimited Nokia Map Tiles for an application I am building with the Leaflet mapping API.

    I am able, for now, to grab tiles within a coordinate mapping application via the following URL


    But this is obviously undocumented. Is there a documented URL to request XYZ tiles? Or is the API meant to request single 2D image tiles and never meant to be placed in a mapping application like I am doing?

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    Re: Nokia Maps Tiles for use with Leaflet

    The current terms and conditions can be found here: http://www.developer.nokia.com/Develop/Maps/TC.html. I'm a developer, not a lawyer, but the legality of the use will depend on the interpretation of the following:

    6.3 Use of the Service

    When using the Service, unless otherwise agreed in writing with Nokia, You hereby agree that You will not:
    (ii) use or incorporate, the Service or any part thereof in connection with any of Your Applications:
    (f) create a “wrapper” or similar abstraction layer for the Service by means of Your Application or an API or service that You provide to third parties.
    (vi) create an Application which displays any Content outside of the Service. For example, You may not use Content outside of the Nokia Maps service. You may not combine, mix or commingle any Content or Features with third party APIs, services or content
    The current usage plans and definition of "unlimited" can be found here http://developer.here.net/web/guest/plans

    I guess the "no commingling" clause is there to encourage the use of the freely available, documented and publically supported JavaScript API Nokia already offer, so instead of accessing the Map tiles directly and using Leaflet, I suggest you look at the HERE JavaScript API:

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    Re: Nokia Maps Tiles for use with Leaflet

    Thanks for posting that jasfox, I never saw that part of the TaC, sounds like it's completely prohibitive to me, too.

    I'm not really interested in using the entire API, Google's got a great one and the only reason I was interested in using Leaflet is because it's based on CSS3 transitions rather than JavaScript animations for zooming which makes it a bit faster on mobile. It's also much lighter weight than google's API, yet still relatively full featured. Nokia (Bing) tiles are the only other ones other than Google that line up precisely with my own custom tile layer and they are lighter weight than google. I was hoping to find a way to use Leaflet with Nokia (Bing) tiles on the HTML5 app we're building due to hardware acceleration by CSS3 and a lighter weight library and tiles in general, but unfortunately it doesn't look possible.

    Thanks again.

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