Hello everyone,

I have a question regarding soft keys, or at least, what appear to be soft keys. My understanding is that there are only ever two soft keys: a left one and a right one. That seemed to be true on older Symbian phones that I had seen. However, looking at a Symbian^3 device, I have noticed that many applications have what appear to be more than two soft keys.

For example, in the built-in Contacts application, along the bottom there are four buttons. The left soft key is "Exit", and the right soft key is "Options". But between them are two more buttons, "New Contact" and "Find". I'm trying to figure out how to simulate pressing these buttons programmatically. I can simulate pressing the left or right soft keys by simulating an EKeyDevice0 and EKeyDevice1 key code. Does anyone know how I can simulate pressing these other "soft keys"?