Hi folks.

I'm developing a app relate to sound in j2me.
my first question: how to control my audio out put on nokia device. (would be better if it's possible in j2me)

I found some on com.nokia.mid.media.AudioOutputControl class by set the output mode. please see http://www.developer.nokia.com/Resou...428/index.html for more detail.
it's said that by setting the out put mode to private of public then the audio will be direct to loudspeaker or earpiece.
but I can't find it on SDK s60 fp1 (for E71 device).
I try class.forName("com.nokia.mid.media.AudioOutputControl") but it's not gonna works. (class not found exception)
So how I can do that. please any one give my a link in java. or is it possible in java to direct my audio output.

my second question: how to get a class like SourceDataLine in j2me or nokia api.
In java I have SourceDataLine class then if I call write a buffer off sample, it's immediately go to the audio system, then the speakers out sound.
but I can't do that in j2me. the Player require a file input stream, and have no way to add more sample to play.
and the most important thing: not real time.
The player will read all the data from the inputstream and send to buffer off audio system. but not run it.
after finish reading work, it call flush then the sound is on. so it prevents me to play sound real time.
any one give me a solution for that.

any help would be great appreciated !!!!