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    CMidiClientUtility real time slow

    Hi all, I want to play real time notes with CMidiClientUtility.
    I try with NoteOnL and NoteOffL but they are very slow, I think because are synchronous messages.
    Is there a way to send NoteOnL and NoteOffL message asynchronously?

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    Re: CMidiClientUtility real time slow

    You might want to see if CMdaAudioToneUtility does what you want - check out wiki article Playing_audio_tones

    The problem is unlikely to be because they are synchronous or asynchronous

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    Re: CMidiClientUtility real time slow

    I do not know how slow CMidiClientUtility is, but the other two main players CMdaAudioTone/PlayerUtility involve a preparation step which makes them slow too unless you know in advance what you are going to play.
    The most robust option is probably having a stream player (CMdaAudioOutputStream), and synthetize the data in real-time. However this is also the option requiring the most work/coding.
    On the other hand you may be lucky and re-use parts of the streaming-related examples on https://www.developer.nokia.com/Deve...ltimedia.xhtml

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    Re: CMidiClientUtility real time slow

    I should use midi

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