I took the reference of the following link.


ok as per this link when i fill the from in the editable mode & after that when we press back or Save button it will call the function SaveFormDataL();

Now as per the code we have:--

CEikEdwin* user =
(CEikEdwin*)Control( EMyAppControlIdTextEd );
TDes& aUser;

it means we have the control(pointer) in the row with id - EMyAppControlIdTextEd ;

now when we call
The whole content of the row will be copied to the iData.iName.
if data is saved this function will return ETrue.

Am i wright? Please suggest if i understood any thing wrong.

when in from my Function after filling the data i put the check

if( SaveFormDataL())
//launch other screen.
but i am getting error at this point.

Please help/