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    Retrieving specific dynamic information from a web site

    I am trying to design an App that will allow me to pull information from a specific website and display it in the way I designed it. The information includes text and an image and a URL.

    For example, if we look at the website www.nokia.com we see the html code:

    <a title="Nokia Lumia 625" href="http://www.nokia.com/gb-en/phones/phone/lumia625/offers/">
    <img class="lazy" alt="Nokia Lumia 625" src="//i.nokia.com/r/image/view/-/2719600/extraHighRes/4/-/2-Homepage-Hero-Banner-Max-Product-1500x1500--1--jpg.jpg">
    <h1 class="headline brand-headline">Nokia Lumia 625</h1>

    What I basically want to do is take the text included in either the 'a title' or 'h1' ID and display it in my app - I can't just write the text as the website I want data from changes the text within these ID's frequently.

    I also want to take the image displayed within 'img src' and display it within my app - again this changes frequently but the 'img src' is of course static.

    Then I also want to take the url from 'a href' and link that to a button in my app.

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Retrieving specific dynamic information from a web site

    Well, just to make sure: there is a Web control which can render Web pages for you, though in this case the complete page will be there, not just parts of it.
    Otherwise you will have to parse the page (or have it parsed), see http://developer.nokia.com/community...TMLAgilityPack for some ideas.

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