Hi i have a problem and i hope you can help me since i did not get a fair answer from nokia developer.support.

I have received an e-mail "BG_FI_EA_SBI BATCH" from "x@nokia.com" containing "Your content fee payment from Ovi Store.pdf" on 15.11.2012.

And i still no payment has been made to my account, how come?

My friend has received same thing on the same date but he did get paid.

The amount is over 100€.
I'm sure that my bank info is correct.
Nokia developer.support told me that i should register to a NOKIA AP Portal and i did, i have an account there which is verified and accepted.
In that account i have a invoice which has status "Ready for payment" ,invoice date "2012-11-15" and due date "2012-11-30".

Please help