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    Question Unicode problem in symbian!

    I want read and write on my E7-00 device but i've got a strange thing
    all of the charecters appears but when i want write them together some charecters appears separately
    for example this chart 06B5 shows fine but in word appears separately
    other charts with same problem 06CE 0695 ...
    is it a bug for symbian ?
    does symbian support Unicode?
    Any one to help!?

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    Re: Unicode problem in symbian!

    Yes, Unicode is of course supported, otherwise you would not see anything. In fact Symbian handles all text in 16-bit Unicode format.
    However there may be problems with the rendering, and yes, it can be a bug. You may want to look around on http://discussions.nokia.com to see if it is a known issue and if there is some solution available.

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    Re: Unicode problem in symbian!

    Seems you are trying with Arabic strings. I have never faced any issue with Arabic on Symbian devices. So suggest you to verify your code also.

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