Hello everyone,

I am newbie with using this forum so I apologize if I ended up targeting this in the wrong place. As not having figured a way how to create a new topic, I decided to write about my problem under lwuit/tabbedpane -topic because I have been using lwuit while implementing the midlet based app.

So here's a short description about my problem. I have been coding the midlet-based app using (emulator)/Eclipse/Nokia SDK 2.0. The app will be targeted for Asha 306-phone. On the emulator I am able to run the app without problems, but as soon as I download the app using Nokia PC Suite to the actual device and try to start up the app, I am encountering a weird behaviour that I don't have at all when using the emulator. Firstly "Searching for..." -window appears, after which I receive an alert window stating that the nearby located bluetooth-devices must be scanned. When saying yes to both of the questions, I am followed by the questions if I want allow the app to use network connection (this one I get when using emulator too). Saying yes finally causes the main window of my app to pop up. I am using localization with the help of L10nResources classes, but for some reason the localized texts don't show up correctly. I checked the (midlet) -jar file and it contains the localized inputs correctly. Also I am using in my app location (javax.microedition.location.Location) to receive users’ current coordinates (latitude+longitude), the functionality of which, breaks down, is not available on the actual device.

As being new to midlet, lwuit programming, I am really puzzled with the problems. Could some of you experts stretch your opening hand and tell me what I should next to get the app running properly on my device?

Br JanP