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    s60 how the piolet and phones hw as sync

    how to detect conected hardware.i mean (same as music key) detection.i need to connect a optical mouse.is it possible.idont know more about mouse voltage.

    Micro usbwe have d+,d-,
    Can we use these as input.

    or headphone volume +,- keys can we used as x,y of mouse

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    Re: s60 how the piolet and phones hw as sync

    USB is an asymmetrical, digital bus system, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USB
    - asymmetrical: USB port of S60 devices can act in peripheral mode only. It means that you can connect it to a host (like a PC), but you can not connect it to an other peripheral device
    - digital: the signals on an USB port use two levels actually, 0 and 1
    - bus: as you have probably experienced already, several USB peripherals (mice, keyboard, memory stick, external hard drive, etc.) can be connected to a single host controller (it is more visible when you are using a USB hub, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USB_hub). It means that a USB cable is not just a wire with two ends, but it has addressing to distinguish between the devices

    So the only wired input an S60 device has is the microphone and the remote, you can try that direction.

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    Re: s60 how the piolet and phones hw as sync


    I think mouse output pins (two) connect to Mic Pins.
    Then it will work
    Because c++ function is there to live recording,analaysing.

    If we move mouse the signal go to mic pins then phone record that volt diffrece as digital.

    MIC used as a input.but it is diffrent from optical mouse

    I mean if we move mouse.in one second how many signals produced.mic can only catch some of that signal if mouse is faster
    and dc volt is same.but what about current,working volt

    I need to know about
    's60v3 MiC' ,'Optical mouse' output ,input signal


    Is there any help

    How x,y we get .can audio analysing is able to do that.

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