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    Unhappy .jar file stopped installing after a number of installation

    In Samsum DUOS e2252 my .jar file used to install and run properly a few days back but then suddenly it stopped installing while it still gives me option to install and when I click yes it shows processing and after that it says "want to launch application?" and when pressed YES it runs it, but after exiting go to the place where it used to be installed, I don't find installed application there while for each time to run it I have to go to the source file and perform the steps from start, what can be the issue with that? I hope there could be some problem of phone memory or heap.

    Note: I have performed soft and hard reset and deleted all the data of phone, but same problem.

    my link for this question at stackoverflow.com is below, but got no answer! Anyone knows about this problem?

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    Re: .jar file stopped installing after a number of installation

    Have you checked it on other devices. Do you find similar issue on Nokia devices too or its particular to this device only.

    To me it seems to be an issue with the device and suggest you to verify once on some other device.

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    Re: .jar file stopped installing after a number of installation

    Samsung developer support through here: http://developer.samsung.com/home.do

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    saqibatiq, I do not own your device but installing a MIDlet on a Samsung is quite complicated if you do it from file storage. Some platforms at Samsung are very picky about the MIDlet-Jar-URL path and some Samsung platforms even require a HTML file in local storage. To avoid all that stuff, and if you are an developer, I recommend to place the MIDlet on a webserver even in testing phase. That way, I had no problems at all.

    If you really want to go the file storage way, strip the MIDlet-Jar-URL to the bare minimum and try with an HTML file which references that JAR.

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