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As said before also, custom tab is just a combination of images drawn together from an array, so if you are not drawing(you can also notice the Draw() method of that wiki code, only images are drawn) those images then no 'tab' would be there. For the time being you can simple take any image & utilize in the code.
Ok I understand this. I just think the article has limited explanation. Like right now most of the errors I'm getting are library related. I keep discovering that I'm missing different libraries.

like for now I just discovered that I needed the 'bafl.lib' lib for this error:"undefined reference to `CDesC16ArrayFlat::CDesC16ArrayFlat(int)'" ... these errors can be very time consuming for us beginners if we don't know whats causing them. at-least if the article can mention the needed libs then it will make it easier for the others to avoid such issues. Hence a working example would most likely eradicate any potential errors and misunderstandings.

and also judging from searching on related topic it is very clear that a lot of developers have had issues trying to implement this 'example' without an actual functional example.
Why is it then that an example hasn't been created by now? (please not I'm not sure if this is the write place to raise this concern. please forgive me if its not the right place.
But so far I really appreciate your help [not to forget Wizard, his also been great help ]