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    Action Center Notification in Windows Phone 8.1 app in C#


    I am porting my windows Phone 8 app to Windows Phone 8.1, which contain the Reminder part, When Reminder plays it shows the reminder Alert box, What I want is, I want to show Notification too at same time, and the Notification details will show in Action Center, Can you tell me code?

    My Reminder Code is
    var newReminder = new Reminder(_Date.ToString())
    Content = _Content,
    BeginTime = _Date,
    RecurrenceType = RecurrenceInterval.None,
    NavigationUri = navigationUri,
    // sound= new Uri("music1.wav",UriKind.Relative)
    Now at Reminder time, want to show Notification and add the content in Action Center, So please tell me code. I seen MSDN it shows to create xaml and all complicated things to show some specific data, I want to show Date Time and what you have to do in Notification, I want simple only cs code.

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    Re: Action Center Notification in Windows Phone 8.1 app in C#

    Have you seen the example available there on msdn : http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/windo...start-b15089f2. You can refer this to see what various tasks can be done(probably sending the reminder alert data as toast notification(with or without pop up).

    Btw just to ask as what would be the utilization of displaying reminders in action center when there's already a big alert box appearing for this purpose.

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    Re: Action Center Notification in Windows Phone 8.1 app in C#

    You should try a stackoverflow and google it, no one will do code for you
    Its alot in documentation that sure(because i was using it hard) and just look forward to do it there.
    Good luck!

    OH.. i didn't see that the posts going upward instead of downward
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