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    Capturing video with AudioVideoCaptureDevice - no auto focus

    I would like to capture video stream using the AudioVideoCaptureDevice class.
    I have written this code in the code behind associated to a page:

    var resolution = AudioVideoCaptureDevice.GetAvailableCaptureResolutions(CameraSensorLocation.Back)[0];
    var cam = await AudioVideoCaptureDevice.OpenAsync(CameraSensorLocation.Back, resolution);

    where viewfinderBrush is a VideoBrush control located in the XAML page.

    The stream is displayed on the screen, but there is not autofocus (when getting close to objects, for example ; in the contrary, the built-in camera application constantly auto focuses the lens when in video mode).
    I was not able to find any sample anywhere.

    Any idea ?
    Thank you,

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    Re: Capturing video with AudioVideoCaptureDevice - no auto focus

    I have the same problem!
    I am trying to use mCam.FocusAsync() periodically, but it switch On Flash light while focusing and then switch it back.
    I believe there is device properties which enable autofocus since native application is working quite well.

    Does anybody know something about this?



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